Wall Louvers Explained

Fixed Blade Wall Louver

Wall louvers are a type of ventilation system that can be installed in exterior walls to provide natural ventilation and air flow into a building. They are typically made of metal (aluminum or steel) and consist of a series of horizontal slats that are angled to allow air to flow through while blocking out rain, snow, and debris. Wall louvers are commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as residential homes. They can easily be made in different geometric shapes besides just square or rectangular configurations.

Wall louvers can be installed in a variety of configurations, including fixed, adjustable, or combination louvers. Fixed louvers are stationary and cannot be adjusted, while adjustable louvers can be opened or closed manually or with an actuator to control the amount of air flow. Combination louvers feature both fixed and adjustable slats, providing a balance of ventilation and weather protection.

Wall louvers are an effective way to provide natural ventilation and reduce the need for mechanical ventilation systems. They can help to improve indoor air quality by increasing air flow and reducing the buildup of humidity, moisture, and pollutants. Additionally, wall louvers can help to reduce energy costs by providing passive cooling and reducing the need for air conditioning. Wall louvers can be used as an intake to let air in a building when negative pressure exists such as used with an Industrial Wall Exhaust Fan. Wall louvers can also be used as an exhaust outlet as used when positive pressure exists such as used with a Fresh Air Supply Fan.

Wall louvers typically have a velocity rating at point of water penetration typically measured in fpm (Feet per Minute ex. 906 fpm) and free air ratings (ex. 58% Open). By multiplying these two numbers, you can calculate the air volume or CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) a Louver can safely bring into a structure before risking the intake of unwanted moisture.

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