Benefits of Industrial and Commercial Ceiling Fans

Dual Purpose Energy Conservation is the most important benefits of Industrial Ceiling Fans and Commercial Ceiling Fans. Let me explain. Since hot air is lighter than cold air, it naturally rises to the ceiling. In buildings that are heated, there can be a temperature differential between 15 to 20 degrees at floor to ceiling. HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) and traditional 3 Blade heavy-duty high-performance ceiling fans can recover wasted heat by eliminating heat stratification. Warm air trapped at the ceiling by natural heat rise and poor air circulation can be equalized by movement of the massive blade span. Hot air can be pulled from the ceiling and pushed back down to floor level equalizing the temperature. During the summer, general air recirculation in non-air-conditioned buildings creates a cooling breeze and a “wind chill factor” providing evaporative cooling off the skin surface dropping skin temperature by 6 degrees.

A properly sized and installed ceiling fan system supplements air-conditioned buildings by allowing the thermostat settings to be 8 degrees higher. You’ll feel the coolness of 72 degrees with the thermostat set on 80 degrees – an incomparable energy savings. High velocity ceiling fans will generate the air speed required to overcome those higher ceiling height distances.

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